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Jordan links deadly blasts to militant cell

AMMAN: Jordan said Friday that two deadly explosions which rocked the Salt region northwest of the capital Amman were apparently linked to a militant cell.
A security source had previously told AFP that old mines were behind Thursday’s blasts which killed a farmer and three members of the security forces.
But analysis of the site found the blasts were caused by “homemade explosives buried in the ground matching the type used by a terrorist cell in Al-Fuhais” last August, government spokeswoman Jumana Ghneimat said.
She was referring to an August 11 bomb attack on a security patrol in the nearby town of Al-Fuhais that killed a police sergeant and wounded six others.
The Salt region was the scene of heavy clashes between gunmen and security forces after the attack which targeted a security patrol at a music festival.
Four security force members and three “terrorists” were killed during a raid on a militant hideout a day after the blast.

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