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Saudi camel festival spokesman explains new guidelines

JEDDAH: The Saudi Camel Club announced a new system for camels participating at the King Abdel Aziz Festival as well as field entry, and its evaluation by arbitration committees at a Sunday press conference.

The third King Abdul Aziz Camel Festival organized by the country’s Camel Club will run until March 20.

Camel Club member and official spokesman for the festival, Fawzan bin Hamad Al-Mady explained that the new system includes a punishment aimed at curbing violations of harming camels, an animal that is an integral part of the Arab world’s heritage.

He stressed that establishing a Camel Club was intended for serving camel owners and conducting such competitions in a manner that suits them.

“The goal is not to search for mistakes, but to stop abuses committed by some owners. There must be a system and sanctions in place to stop these abuses,” Al-Mady explained.

Al-Mady also presented the numbers of abuses that have been revealed over the past days, pointing out that a press conference will be held after the competition of each category to clarify the committees’ findings.

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